International Forum of Innovators IN’HUB-2022

We are happy to announce the conclusion of the International Forum of Innovators IN’HUB-2022 which was operated by Technopol-Moscow.

Apart from the Russian speakers and innovators, the Forum activities attracted representatives of Austria, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel and Iran, as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan, including 200 teams of inventors who were chosen to present their projects in the final stage of the Forum Inventions Contest and prove their worth before the International Jury.

It is worth noting that it was the first time for Russian inventions contest to be held simultaneously in two categories for both young and adult inventors.

Adult innovators, whose projects were provided with patent protection, won 35 gold medals in total (including 4 gold medals for the teams from Egypt and Indonesia); 3 more were awarded to the finalists within the category of the young inventors.

We congratulate the winners and wish them further development and even greater successes in the inventive field!

Check out our short video about the event is posted on the official Forum channel: