On the results of the 46th International Salon “Inventions Geneva 2018”.

April 11-15, 2018, 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
2018 took place in Geneva, Switzerland. With 882 exponents from 40
countries and more than 50,000 visitors the Exhibitions happens to be
one of the largest and most prestigious innovation salons in Europe and
in the world

Russian delegation was officially represented by STA «Technopol-
Moscow» and exhibited 12 projects, with 8 of them winning golden medals and the rest 4 inventions being awarded with silver medals and special prizes.

STA «Technopol-Moscow» had its own special prize handed to ISPE
(Romania) for the invention of «Revolving Permanent-Magnet
Synchronous Motors with Axial-Oriented Stator Poles». «Gorodissky &
Partners» law firm and STA’s parent company awarded its special prize
to Lam Sy Carly and To Chi Ho (Hong Kong, China) for the invention
«DIMS lenses for the myopia control».