What do Russian inventors need today? How can they help industrial companies to effectively integrate into the new reality? These and other issues were discussed at a thematic press briefing as part of the presentation of the International Forum of Innovators and the IN’HUB Inventions Contest on November 30, 2021.

IN’HUB Forum is organized by Norilsk Nickel MMC under the auspices of Ministry of Industry. Inventors and innovators from more than 20 countries will have a special opportunity to meet large companies and investors, exchange experience and kickstart their projects. Forum events will last until October 2022.

The industrial development is longing for scientific and technological innovations, which is impossible without attracting investments. The launch of the new IN’HUB project will help companies access world’s best inventions, technologies and ideas, as well as timely solve the challenges the industry is facing. The implementation of the project will also help with improving innovations and their commercialization both in Russia and around the world

Alexei Matushansky

Director of the Strategic Development and Corporate Policy Department

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The participants of the conference discussed the issues of attracting new technologies to Russia, assessment of efficiency of existing designs and obstacles on the way of new ones. We focused on the fact that IN’HUB 2022 will be a great platform for interaction between innovators and representatives of industrial companies.

Nornickel is integrated into the global innovation market, open to innovative initiatives and actively participates in improving industry image of Russia. Now is the best time to unite the efforts of leading Russian companies, investors, banks, representatives of socially responsible businesses in order to pave the way for Russian innovations and to promote high-tech products on the world market.

Vitaly Busko,

Vice President for Innovations at Norilsk Nickel MMC

The Forum is aimed at increasing the share of modern Russian inventions both within the country and abroad. This can be achieved by increasing the demand for Russian breakthrough technologies as well as promoting Russian high-tech innovative products abroad.

The next key event of the IN’HUB project is March 1st, 2022 with the start of filing applications for the international Inventions Contest. Later on the Forum will also launch educational program on the multifunctional portal of the forum as well as an online inventions exhibition in 3D.

The final offline stage of IN’HUB-2022 with the Forum exhibition, work of International Jury and winners award ceremony is scheduled for October 6-8 next year in Novosibirsk, which is known as the scientific capital of Russia.