WWCAM Working Level Officials Meeting (20.11.2019)

In close collaboration with the Secretariat of Worid Winter Cities Association for Mayors Technopol organized and coordinated hosting the Association Working Level Officials Meeting in Norilsk, 14-18 November, 2019.

During these four days the representatives of 13 winter cities from 7 countries discussed the issues in a way of a more comfortable living in the north and exchanged experience with regard to raising residents’ quality of life in winter cities. The work-related agenda was concluded with the «Big Argish» ethnic festival, aimed at exploring deeper the social and cultural aspects of the five indigenous peoples of the Taymyr peninsula.

It’s worth noting that traditionally all the WWCAM Working Level Officials Meetings up to this moment have been held exclusively in Japan, so the idea of the visiting Meeting was an unprecedented decision.

We are deeply grateful to all the WLOM attendees and hope that everyone liked the unique northern touch of the Taymyr peninsula and the Russian Arctic.